The first MV customized by locations
personal used cars are being sold.
Krungsri Auto would like to introduce the new type of car loan
“Personal Used Cars Finance, Fast Approval, Fast Disbursement”.
How can we reach people in every province and every district of Thailand?
The first MV customized by locations personal used cars are being sold.
To connect with people in every district of Thailand who need to buy personal used cars.
For example, Amphoe Hat Yai in the Southern Region would get its own customized MV to reach
people of Amphoe Hat Yai. Same goes with Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai in the Northern Region
or Amphoe Mueang Khon Kaen in the Northeastern Region.
Step 1
We produce REAL TIME MV for every district of Thailand where they
are people who need to buy personal used cars.
Step 2
We target ads by search location of people looking for
personal used cars to personalize MV by district and
make it most relevant for each district.
Step 3
Customized message within the MV appears not only by
location based but also by real time based, which shows
the exact number of personal used cars ready to be sold.
The number is updated every hour. Once the call to action
button is clicked at the end of the MV.
Step 4
The system would communicate with Line API
programmatically and link our consumer to
Krungsri Auto Line Account where he can choose
a specific personal used cars he is interested in by
clicking the link.
Step 5
He will be directed to the details of that car available
in his district on our website.
Step 6
Furthermore, we launch ads into every channel
according to location.
One month after the campaign was launched.